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Our Story

It started with a cookie (not the Internet kind…) two decades ago when our founder Tim Hunt, a UW anthropology graduate student craving his mom’s homemade cookies got to thinking this new thing called the Internet would be a really cool place for cooks, to exchange favorite recipes.

Tim created as an experiment to see if others would respond to his idea. As it turns out, cooks had a huge appetite for sharing recipes; the site was an instant success. Over the next 18 years, Tim and his crew rolled out more sites and social features allowing cooks of all types and interests to connect through recipes, reviews, ratings, photos, profiles, blog posts, personal collections, and more.

What started with a single cookie recipe has grown organically to become the world’s largest food-focused social network with a community of 40 million home cooks consuming 3 billion pages annually of food inspiration across our 19 sites serving 24 countries in 13 languages. I invite you to join our one-of-a-kind community that inspires home cooking and celebrates the foods we make with friends, family, brands and followers. Calling all cooks!


Allrecipes President

Make it.

Our pantry is stocked with 300 million bites of inspiration to help guide you from inspiration to celebration with your next kitchen creation.

Love it.

Did you make it? Love it! Then pass it on. Post recipes, photos, reviews, I made its, collections and more telling your food tribe about your latest mouthwatering masterpiece.

Share it.

Sharing foods you crave and following the cooks you love helps us to feed your feed with lots of recipe awesomeness handpicked just for you.

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Here are some cool things we do


The world’s an amazingly delicious place. We offer 19 sites serving 24 countries in 12 languages where cooks from many cultures find, share and celebrate their signature dishes.



Smartphones and tablets are pretty awesome with all of the cool stuff they do. We created Allrecipes apps to take advantage of this awesomeness. Join the 23 million cooks who have already downloaded our free apps to their iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle devices.


We have thousands of original videos that help unleash your inner culinary genius. From the totally hilarious to the deadpan serious, Allrecipes and Food Wishes videos streaming across Allrecipes, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Roku promise you will beg for more.

Cooking School

Whether you’re looking to learn how to make a pie or perfectly scramble eggs, Allrecipes Cooking School teaches you skills to unlock a lifetime of great cooking – online classes that are created to view on your phone, tablet or laptop let you learn whenever, wherever you want, at your own pace…and all of your homework is edible. How cool is that?


Favorite recipes paired with expert tips and tricks ensure you’re never at a loss for ideas for what to serve at your next meal. Whether it’s a quick Tuesday night dinner or a big holiday potluck dinner with extended family – Allrecipes Magazine has you covered.


We crave a good food post, hashtag, tweet and video. That’s why you’ll find #Allrecipes hanging out at lots of cool places. Come visit us at:

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