Insight_3.1Consumer lifestyle changes, smartphones, and social media are affecting every aspect of our lives, even how we shop for groceries. Shifts in demographics, health and wellness priorities, increased urbanization, and cultural influences are also influencing how we are making choices about where, when and what to shop for. U.S. shoppers are increasingly prioritizing quality and freshness over price, making clean eating a lifestyle choice, and preferring the convenience of shopping at any hour over long Sunday treks to the grocery store. The retail food industry is paying close attention and also evolving.

To find out more about current grocery shopping behaviors, Allrecipes surveyed 1,500 panelists for its 2016 Grocery Shopping Trends Survey. The August 2016 issue of the Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report shares top insights from this survey and focuses on one particular demographic group: parents. How are parents using technology when grocery shopping, what are their challenges when food shopping, what appeals to them when choosing a grocery store? These insights and four others are key findings from our 2016 Grocery Trends Survey.

— Posted by Judith H. Dern
Senior Communications Manager