The holy grail of advertising is often considered a brand’s ability to reach the right person at the right time with exactly the right message, and then have the ability to confidently measure the effect of that message on a shopper’s purchase behavior. According to Allrecipes’ April 2015 Digital Shopping Behaviors Survey, more than half of grocery shoppers with smartphones are using their devices while grocery shopping to inform their purchase decisions. The most common activities among these shoppers are looking up promotional offers/coupons (43% of total survey respondents, 51% Millennials, 58% of Allrecipes cooks), and looking up recipes (37% of total survey respondents, 48% Millennials, 51% of Allrecipes cooks).

Allrecipes’ advertising product team’s core focus is to create and support proprietary advertising experiences that simplify and enhance home cooks’ ability to navigate their daily cooking journey— and then allow CPG brands to connect with these cooks at multiple points-of-need (plan, shop, cook) along this path to purchase. Our launch of hyper-local, retailer-specific “local offers” in late spring 2014 was among the most successful advertising product launches in Allrecipes’ history. We received unprompted feedback from our community through tweets, posts, and email thanking us for this service. We also heard from CPG brands saying this was exactly the type of native advertising solutions they valued most.

Today, Allrecipes revealed a new alliance with Nielsen allowing us to measure total Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for Digital Shopper Marketing campaigns using their best-in-class analytics offering. This expanded measurement capability combines Allrecipes’ proprietary Shopper Marketing technologies that deliver and measure offers at the store level with Nielsen’s in-depth Similarities Market Test (SimTest) service that determines the extent to which these in-market activities are driving sales.

Nielsen’s SimTest methodology compares sales of a product in a defined group of stores where consumers have been exposed to ads and offers from Allrecipes with sales at control stores where shoppers were not exposed to the ads. This unique offering connects campaign design, execution, and measurement for the first time on a single automated platform. Together, these insights and analytics, which are not dependent on traditional ad tech and tags, reveal fast and repeatable results for marketers to strategize against.

While Allrecipes has always believed in the incredible opportunity delivering highly relevant, timely offers to consumers would provide to brands, nothing is more rewarding than the ability to demonstrate proven, tangible, quantifiable results indicating increased purchase behavior. Today, our alliance with Nielsen allows us to provide this capability to brands with research that is fast, affordable, and highly trusted. To learn how your brand can benefit from Allrecipes’ shopper marketing native advertising products and our new alliance with Nielsen, we encourage you to contact Corbin de Rubertis at

Esmee Williams
Allrecipes Vice President Consumer Strategy