These days grocery shopping carts aren’t only being filled in-store. As much as online shopping is turning the retail shopping landscape upside down and inside out, so too is technology influencing shopping for groceries. From smartphones to smart kitchen appliances, smart speakers, meat kits ordered online, and paid shopper memberships, options for buying groceries are expanding as fast as ice cream melts on a sizzling summer day. In its 2018 survey focused on grocery shopping behaviors, Allrecipes investigated influences and motivations among home cooks for buying groceries—and yes, insights are included about the newest batch of shoppers, Gen Z. From compiling shopping lists on smartphones to ordering meal kits and choosing which retailers to frequent and which parts of the store to shop, the changes are numerous and consumer-centric. To read these insights and learn more about the dynamic grocery world, click here to download the May 2018 Measuring Cup Trend Report.







— Posted by Judith H. Dern
Senior Insights & Strategy Manager