2015 was a big year. In September, after 18 months of planning, designing, and coding, Allrecipes introduced a new site experience transforming our brand from a food-focused community to a food-focused social network. Our team’s goal with the new site was simple: design a digital food experience that keeps pace with the interests and behaviors of the next generation of home cooks. As we designed our new experience, all research pointed to digital enthusiasts—especially Millennials—who want to connect with digital experiences that are more mobile, social, and personal. It was only natural these same expectations applied to digital food as well.

With any significant change, there’s always risk. To completely rebuild an 18-year-old site that’s grown organically to become the world’s largest digital food brand is scary—some would say it’s insanity. Months of careful research, many consumer focus groups, AB tests and usability trials suggested the new design would be a success. However, the only vote that really counts is the consumer’s.

Yesterday, comScore release its December 2015 audience measurement reports. Anyone who’s spent significant time in the digital space knows that for most sites, December is the biggest month of the year—especially for retailers or food brands. (Admittedly, November is huge for food, too.) I am happy to report Allrecipes had a HUGE month in December—shattering previous records for both Allrecipes and the Digital Food space. According to comScore, in December, 50 million (49,622,913) home cooks visited Allrecipes, consuming one-third of a billion pages of digital food content across 128 million visits. This made December the biggest month ever for Allrecipes, or for any digital food site. Allrecipes led the Food Lifestyle category for Total, Mobile, and Mobile Only Audience, Views, and Visits.

Allrecipes’ and the Food Lifestyle Category growth occurred across all age segments (Millennials, GenerationX, and Boomers). However, the strongest growth was among Millennial cooks. In December, 18 million Millennial cooks visited Allrecipes (22% YoY growth); 86% of these cooks visited at least once from their mobile device, and 81% visited Allrecipes only from their mobile device. For food brands seeking to reach Millennials, the web is an unbeatable vehicle for delivering strong reach, scale, and measurability. The fact that 77% of online Millennials (60M), and 90% of online Millennial Women (35M) visited digital food resources during the month is strong evidence the next generation of cooks has placed its vote of confidence in digital resources.

The Allrecipes team would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to these significant milestones. Our biggest thanks goes to our community of home cooks. Without their support, patience with our changes, and personal food experiences they contribute to the site, Allrecipes would not be the success it is today. We would also like to thank the CPG and grocery retailer brands who have supported us over the past 18 years. We’ve always believed in the amazing opportunity the web could provide to brands seeking to connect with shoppers throughout their path-to-purchase. Today, the widespread adoption by cooks who use mobile devices to seek food inspiration, inform their grocery shopping, and guide their meal preparation, has allowed us to introduce native social and shopper advertising solutions that delight consumers while delivering powerful, measurable results for brands.

Thanks again for a terrific 2015!

Esmee Williams
Allrecipes Vice President Consumer Strategy