Starting today, Allrecipes cooks are welcomed with a notifications tab that captures the delicious foods and cooking activities happening among their food tribe—the friends, family, brands and other cooks they follow—when they arrive on the site.


Allrecipes’ new activities Notifications tab appears as a grey bell icon located at the top of every page next to the search icon. An orange circle lets you know when there are new activities waiting for you. Tap the bell, and a tab containing the most recent social food activity—from cooks who are engaging with dishes you’ve created and shared, to the food activities happening among cooks and brands you follow—slides down into view.

With so much food activity happening among our community of 50 million cooks—more than 70 percent now occurs on mobile devices—Allrecipes’ Notifications tab is another step towards our continual commitment of delivering greater convenience and fun for home cooks. Findings from Allrecipes’ 2016 Food and Social study support that millennial cooks are the most food-obsessed generation yet with 62 percent saying “they love to cook, it’s a passion for me,” and 73 percent saying the food posts they are most likely to like, share and comment on are those “featuring dishes prepared by friends and family.” Allrecipes’ Notifications tab is the perfect way to keep this group always in the know about the food activities they care about most, to make their cooking projects more fun, and to help solve the “4 PM panic” happening daily when it’s time to start thinking about dinner.

esmee2Esmee Williams

Allrecipes Vice President Consumer Strategy