insight_5-1The ultimate, catch-all source for meal-time inspiration magic continues (for most of us) to be as elusive as finding a unicorn or winning the lottery. Most home cooks still struggle to some degree with keeping weeknight meals fresh, new, and interesting. In our “2016 Back-to- Kitchen” survey, we asked cooks where they most commonly look for cooking inspiration. For cooks aged 35 years and older, top sources are the contents of their refrigerators, followed by ideas from family and friends. For millennial cooks, the top sources are recipe websites, along with looking at the contents of their refrigerators. Another big defining factor for millennials: scanning their social feeds for recipe inspiration. Allrecipes outlined this trend and seven more insights about shopping and cooking behaviors in its most recent Measuring Cup Report. Click here to read the complete report.



— Posted by Judith H. Dern
Senior Communications Manager