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At Allrecipes, we have the amazing privilege of being a part of the world’s biggest food community. The staff at Allrecipes created this blog so we can share with you the trends, insights, and ideas we come across every day.

Healthy Eating Trend #7: A Chicken in Every Pot

Savvy health-conscious consumers are increasingly linking their food choices with health and wellness, a trend reflected in their grocery shopping behaviors. Close to two-thirds of all respondents in Allrecipes’ 2017 Health Trends Survey report increasing their...

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Healthy Eating Trend #5: Dieting by Another Name

No longer is dieting only about weight loss and name diets. Instead, “clean eating” leads the list when consumers are asked about diets they’re following, a trend Allrecipes first noted in the 2015 Health Trends Survey. For some, the term “clean eating” may define a...

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