Buffalo wins Super Bowl 50! Sadly, for Buffalo Bills team fans, this headline won’t appear on any sports pages this month. It’s been more than decades since the Buffalo Bills made it to the Super Bowl, and their 8-8 record this season wasn’t enough to earn them a ticket to the 2016 post season.

On a more positive note, even though the team isn’t making an appearance, the signature flavor that originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo is a sure bet to be MVP for millions of game day spreads this year. The following list of Allrecipes’ 20 most popular, fastest-moving 2015 Super Bowl party recipes includes six recipes with “Buffalo” in their names.

Buffalo Recipes_1Feb16

Source: Allrecipes, based on Recipe Views for the weeks ending February 2, 2015, and February 2, 2014


The chart below displays the extraordinary surge of these dishes in the seven days before the Big Game as millions of cooks plan, shop, and cook for football parties.

Buffalo Traffic_1Feb16


And the popularity of these flavor isn’t just limited to Big Game Day. The Buffalo flavor—spicy, vinegary, and buttery—has literally taken our country by storm. In addition to wings and dips, there are an unlimited number dishes where this flavor is successfully used by home cooks across numerous dish types and cultural dishes. Dishes such as dips, won tons, burgers, sliders, casseroles, cauliflower, salads, stuffed mushrooms, mac and cheese, tacos, twice-baked potatoes, sloppy joes, wraps, pizzas, soups, and calzones are all flowing through cooks’ feeds and profiles on Allrecipes.

The common denominator for all these recipes—in addition to their Buffalo flavor—are five-star ratings, mouthwatering photos, and rave reviews! To give you a taste for what’s being cooked up in American kitchens, I created a collection of my “Buffalo favorites” for you to check out: http://allrecipes.com/cook/39/

Buffalo Esmee_1Feb16


Now, if you’re arriving late to this party and just discovering the awesomeness of Buffalo Chicken Wings, Allrecipes is lucky enough to have “King of the Wings” as a part of our community. Chef John, an Allrecipes’ cook with 25,283 followers, provides a step-by-step video to guide you from start to finish to prepare the perfect wings. His video has been viewed more than one million times on YouTube making him an undisputed Super Bowl wings scoring champion with a kitchen quarterback rating of 158.3.


Esmee Williams
Allrecipes Vice President Consumer Strategy