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  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU for alllll of the wonderful recipes that come to my email. Keep up the great work!!


  • I am enjoying the new MyPlate recipes on Allrecipes. It’s simple to find healthy recipes with them already selected. I also like that they are not tied to a particular diet. I have made a few that will be repeats. Thank you.


  • Like for real, for real … for the past 10 years every time I sought out a very good recipes with rating I always went to … and I still go on the website ’til this day! Plus, it is very organized and informative!! :)


  • I just received in my inbox the Allrecipes email, and noticed the “reviews that’ll make you smile” section. Hilarious, particularly this comment: “My wife status has been upgraded to ‘ultimate bomb diggity wife.’” Keep up the good work guys!


  • Congrats on 15 years! First from-scratch cookie recipe I ever tried was from Allrecipes (early 1998)…they turned out SO well. Tonight, I’m having Slow-Cooker Italian Beef for Sandwiches from your site. Thanks for making my food life so much happier.

    -RS | LaGrange, GA

  • Have tried several of the recipes so far and have not been disappointed. Can’t wait to get my first issue of the magazine. I love getting new recipes every day in my email.


  • I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I have been a bachelor for 23 years and was set with about 5 dishes I always made. After I found your site, it has now changed the way I shop completely! I now purchase capers (before that, I thought those were things only Batman solved) and look smugly down upon others as I say I am looking for shallots at the grocery store. Your daily recipes have entirely changed my way of cooking forever. Thanks so much!

    -Chris | Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Just wanted to you let you know that this app is beautiful! Whoever developed it should be thanked! Thanks for the wonderful service wonderful app and awesome food!


  • Your app. is the best! The grocery list, the way you can print cards, and of course, the user rated instructions that make the best of, well, most everything. Job well done.

    -Jennifer | Redmond, Wash.