In our 2016 Smart Kitchen Trends survey, Allrecipes asked more than 1,000 home cooks to share what would most likely motivate them to purchase new kitchen technologies. We provided a range of responses from the highly rational “save money on electricity” to the less rational “I love to try new technologies.” Across the board the most popular responses were consistent among cooks across all skill levels, from beginners who cook just so they can eat, to experienced foodies seeking to create ultimate creations of their favorite dishes.


If there’s one thing folks of all ages, skill sets, and genders agree on, it’s a distaste for doing the dishes. In our survey, 83% of home cooks say “saving time on clean-up” is most attractive reason for buying new kitchen technologies. While we are not aware of any new products or robots on the immediate horizon that will do the dishes, there are a number of new products that can help reduce the amount of necessary meal clean-up time. Most notably are on-demand “meal ingredient” delivery services such as Plated, Blue Apron, Chef’d and Hello Fresh that will overnight ship pre-portioned, pre-prepared ingredients for the meal of your choice. Overall, one-third (30%) of cooks find this service interesting, with the level of interest rising slightly among beginner cooks (31%), and dipping slightly lower among advanced cooks (26%).

Another approach for minimizing clean-up is the development of robots such as Sereniti Kitchen’s Cooki robotic chef that does the cooking for you using “packs” of pre-portioned trays of fresh ingredients (sort of the way Keurig does for coffee). We found one-fourth (23%) of cooks were intrigued by the possibility of this offering with greatest interest from trailing millennials (35%), tech-enthusiasts (31%), and people whose primary motivation for cooking is simply “the need to eat” (28%).

insight_7.1Smart Kitchen technology attracting the second most interest is products that simply help cooks achieve better results. Overall, 83% of cooks share this as an area of interest, with women being more interested (85%) than men (79%). In our research, we found a few very cool products available that help to guide cooks to better cooking results. iDevices offers a line of easy-to-use, affordable wireless Bluetooth enabled Kitchen thermometers for grilling, cooking, and candy making that allow cooks to monitor the progress of their cooking using their mobile phones. In addition, Belkin has partnered with brands such as Crock-Pot® and Mr. Coffee® to incorporate its WEMO® technology into slow cookers and coffeemakers so cooks can schedule, start, monitor, and turn-off these devices from their mobile phones. These products are available today and are already receiving positive responses from consumers. (Both rate 4 of 5 stars on Amazon).

For more information regarding our research, we encourage you to download the latest edition of Allrecipes Measuring Cup Trend Report featuring highlights from our 2016 Smart Kitchen Survey.

Esmee Williams
Allrecipes Vice President Consumer Strategy