Allrecipes is the number one site for women online. The community is made up of family-focused women who work outside the home and have rich, busy lives.

Allrecipes community profile:

Source: Allrecipes, May 2014


Women come to Allrecipes to connect, share experiences and to help complete everyday tasks. Among moderate Internet users, engagement levels on Allrecipes are nearly double what have been measured on the Internet at-large. Allrecipes’ users are deeply engaged:






Allrecipes has one of the largest communities of actively engaged home cooks in the world and is one of the most heavily trafficked food and lifestyle sites on the internet. In June 2011, launched the Allrecipes Allstars—a voluntary brand ambassador program with more than 100 home cooks across the nation. The Allrecipes Allstars Program allows cooks to directly connect with other community members and the program coordinators, while furthering engagement on To learn more about the Allrecipes Allstars Program, view the article page here or check out the media kit .