allrecipes_MARCH16_coverA tasty cover with frosted doughnuts—one already munched—opens to reveal pages packed with winter favorites: soups, stews and baked goods, dips with guaranteed Big Game fan appeal, popcorn variations for that certain February movie gala, plus Easter eats and tantalizing comfort foods from around the world. All this deliciousness is packed into the February/March 2016 issue of Allrecipes magazine, the magazine inspired by the world’s largest food-focused social network, now 13+ million members strong.

Special features in this issue include tips for being a kitchen rock star—think no-fail roast chicken, fish in foil and more—along with DIY instructions for those awesome homemade doughnuts, recipes to turn stale bread into pudding and crostini, and mash-ups that go beyond potatoes. How about 14 smart kitchen hacks from Allrecipes’ savvy Allstars, that team of super site users? (Who knew to plop a chicken carcass into a slow cooker to prepare stock overnight?) Garlic gadgets are the Reader-Tested-Tools topic, and Russian kulich, a traditional Easter bread, is the featured ethnic recipe. Chock-full of kitchen inspiration shared by Allrecipes’ community of home cooks, this is the food magazine everyone craves!

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— Posted by Judith H. Dern
Senior Communications Manager