smileyface-hat-2_dec16Who doesn’t love a party? As we found out, almost no one. And holidays aren’t the only reason for partying. When Allrecipes researched home cooks’ attitudes and behaviors about home entertaining, millennials turned out to be the real year-round party animals. Compared with older home cooks, more than half of millennials (56%) surveyed say they LOVE hosting parties and entertaining at home. GenXers come close rivaling this partying spirit, with 51% of this group reporting to “love celebrating holidays and events.” Boomers are the most sporadic entertainers, as well as the group with the highest “avoidance” response. We also discovered cooks living in urban locations are more likely say they love entertaining (58%). Click here to read eight more insights about our entertaining behaviors reviewed in the Allrecipes December 2016 Measuring Cup Report.


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