Ready for faux meat on your fork? Functional foods encouraging gut health? Vegans going mainstream? With consumers across all demographic groups now pursuing healthful eating year-round instead of only during January, investigating healthful eating trends intrigued Allrecipes’ data analysts. To determine key trends in this area, they reviewed site traffic and survey data from 2017 and January 2018, plus looked again at the 2017 Healthful Eating Survey. The results outlined in the March 2018 Measuring Cup Trend Report include seven insights ranging from the “fat bombs” of the keto diet, America’s fastest-growing low-carb diet, to “hot” vegetables (move over broccoli and kale!), probiotics, and make-ahead meals as a way families are ensuring healthful eating. Who would have predicted these trends even a year ago? To read the full report and learn more, click this link.









— Posted by Judith H. Dern
Senior Insights & Strategy Manager