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Amazon Alexa Knows More Than 60,000 Recipes

Alexa’s new Skill might just save Christmas dinner. Amazon’s digital assistant is now knowledgeable of more than 60,000 recipes that users can easily access by simply asking Alexa. Allrecipes, a popular website dealing with different recipes all over the word, is the newest company to work with Amazon. Alexa users will now have access to the vast recipe vault allowing the personal assistant to become the user’s sous chef.

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Amazon Echo Now Talks You Through 60,000 Recipes

Allrecipes’ Alexa skill helps you cook, even if you’re not sure what you want to make.

Believe it or not, there hasn’t really been a comprehensive recipe skill for Amazon Echo speakers. Campbell’s skill is focused on the soup brand, IFTTT integration is imperfect and Jamie Oliver’s skill won’t read cooking instructions aloud. Allrecipes might just save the day, though. It just launched an Alexa skill that guides you through cooking 60,000 meals — and importantly, helps you find something to cook in the first place.

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