feb_march2017-cover_thumb_97954Baby, it’s cold outside, and guess what’s for dinner? Happily for Allrecipes magazine subscribers, the February-March 2017 issue is packed with sizzling answers to heat up winter mealtimes. From savory to sweet, appetizers and veggie mains, pasta and slow cooker desserts (Desserts in a slow cooker? Who knew?), all are showcased in the latest delicious issue from the world’s largest digital food site.

A feature with five flavor-packed nacho recipes offers ideas to feed every sports fan for The Big Game along with every other winter sports event. Veggie fans will swoon over the dish that won first place on the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner TV show, plus five additional oven-roasted veggie recipes. How yummy do Roasted Sage Broccoli or Cauliflower “Steaks” sound? The Paleo diet is demystified by a real person, Michelle Tam, a blogger and mom who first discovered it in her quest for better fitness. Ready to warm a winter meal, Thai Wonton Soup is described in detail by Toi, who taught herself to make the favorite dish served at family gatherings in Thailand.  You’ll also meet Amy Amaro, a mom, an avid cook, and a contestant on the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner TV show.

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